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CellLineNavigator - A workbench for cancer cell line analysis

CellLineNavigator is a web-based compendium of cell line expression profiles and query tools.

The CellLineNavigator database is a web-based workbench for large scale comparisons of a vast amount of diverse cell lines to support experimental design in the fields of genomics, systems biology and translational biomedical research. Currently, this compendium holds genome wide expression profiles of 317 different cancer cell lines, categorized into 57 different pathological states and 28 individual tissues. To enlarge the scope of CellLineNavigator the database was furthermore closely linked to commonly used bioinformatics databases and knowledge repositories.

To ensure easy data access and search ability, a simple data and an intuitive querying interface was implemented. It allows the user to explore and filter the gene expression focusing on pathological or physiological conditions. For a more complex search, the advanced query interface may be used to query for (I) differentially expressed genes, (II) pathological or physiological conditions, or (III) gene names or functional attributes such as KEGG pathway maps. These queries may also be combined. Finally, CellLineNavigator allows pursuing analysis of differentially regulated genes by a direct link to the Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery (DAVID) Bioinformatics Resources.

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CellLineNavigator: a workbench for cancer cell line analysis. Nucleic Acids Res., 10.1093/nar/gks1012 (Krupp et al.).

Data access and query tools

Data section:

Table view of all entries within the database summarized to tissues. Filtering options for expression levels within individual tissue sides or disease states are supported.

Search section:

  • Full text search.
  • Explore profile; e.g. selecting one or multiple KEGG pathway resulting in a list of involved genes with a specific expression value.

Download section:
Download CellLineNavigator in tab separated text file format.

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Cell lines: CellLineNavigator contains gene expression profile information on 317 different cancer cell lines, categorized into 57 different pathological states and 28 individual tissues.

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